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Hicks, Porter, Ebenfeld & Stein, P.A. provides its clients with full-service litigation of all contract, tort and commercial matters. The Hicks, Porter, Ebenfeld & Stein litigation team's many areas of practice include insurance coverage litigation and defense, including bad faith issues, commercial litigation, products liability, admiralty and maritime law, and medical malpractice.


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A significant part of the firm's practice involves the resolution of commercial disputes. We litigate contract and employment disputes as well as complex securities cases. The firm's experience includes appointment by United States District Judge William Hoeveler to serve as counsel in two major securities cases which resulted in favorable recoveries in each case of over 45 million dollars. In re: Dennis Greenman Securities Litigation; In Re: U.S. Oil & Gas Litigation. The firm has also defended a corporate client in the suit filed by shareholders of the now defunct GDC Corporation. In Re: GDC Securities Litigation.


The firm represents major corporations on a wide variety of products liability issues. Recently, the firm has been retained to represent a number of clients in the recent spate of "vaccine" litigation cases, and obtained a significant victory in a case involving the childhood vaccine Thimerosal based on an issue of first impression. We have also handled cases dealing with aviation accidents, HIV and AIDS-related contamination of blood, drugs, asbestos, seat belts, automobile defects, ladders and building products. We have represented a major tobacco company as co-counsel in the tobacco litigation, and represent a multi-national science company in claims arising out of the manufacture and sale of its chemical products.


The firm represents a number of cruise lines at both the trial and appellate levels. The firm has handled numerous appeals and has provided trial support in cases involving Jones Act, Death on the High Seas Act, maintenance and cure, the implied doctrine of workmanlike performance owed to shipowners, and general maritime law claims.


Hicks, Porter, Ebenfeld & Stein, P.A.represents major insurance underwriters and handles a variety of issues involving liability, coverage, statutory construction and constitutional issues. We have revised and drafted insurance policies for major medical malpractice carriers in Florida.


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